PSAI Intro to Cave

The PSAI Intro to Cave Diver course is designed for those divers who wish to make limited penetrations into the cave environment where vertical access is not possible. This includes a variety of underwater cave zones found throughout the world in both fresh and salt water environments. This course takes the diver beyond the "daylight zone" of the cavern overhead environment. The course instructs the diver in basic cave diving skills. The maximum depth of this course shall be limited to 40m (130 feet). The dives are conducted within the no-stop dive table or dive computer limits (staged decompression is not allowed). The course provides the diver with knowledge and basic skills for limited penetrations in the cave environment using single cylinders. The Rule of Third's shall apply as the minimum for gas management. If the candidate is using doubles then the 1/6 gas management rule is the minimum. The Intro to Cave Diver course is limited to main line penetration only - no jumps, gaps, traverses or circuits are allowed.