Available Gases

Air Fill $8.00
EANx32 $0.10 ft3
TMx 10/65 $0.56 ft3
Oxygen $0.30 ft3
Helium $0.80 ft3
Partial Pressure Blending Varies By Mix

For large orders of a specialized gas mix please contact us by email at caveconnectionsflorida@gmail.com or phone so we may prepare your blend.

Our gas is certified to meet CGA Modified Grade E standards or higher by Trace Analytics on a quarterly basis.


At Cave Connections

We take pride in our air fill station. All compressor maintenance is done at half of the recommended manufacturer service intervals. This allows for less stress and wear on our compressors which results in purer air delivery before filtration. Once reaching filtration, supply air is filtered through double filter stacks before reaching storage or the gas distribution panel.  

To provide our consumers with the best quality gas all gas is filtered through a hyper-filter prior to distribution to the fill whips. This means our customers get the purest gases available.

Pure oxygen is boosted through a Masterline Booster containing purity filters and coolers for the safest gas boosting ability on the market.