Light Monkey CanisterAt Cave Connections we've got what you need to keep you diving from canister lights and scooters to spearguns. All rentals require a cash deposit or credit card pre-authorization.

Tank Rentals

AL80 Single $10.00 per day
LP95 Doubles $30.00 per day
LP108 Doubles $30.00 per day
LP85 Sidemount (pair) $30.00 per day
LP108 Sidemount (pair) $30.00 per day
LP120 Sidemount (pair) $30.00 per day
Single Steel Tank $15.00 per day

Bicycle Rentals

Bicycle $10.00 per day
Bicycle Gear Trailer $5.00 per day


Gear Rentals

Canister Light $20.00 per day
Back Up Light $8.00 per day
Nomad $50.00 per day
Regulator $25.00 per day
Fins $5.00 per day
Genesis DPV $150.00 per day

Boat Rentals

Pontoon Boat $75.00 Full Day
$50.00 Half Day
Mud Boat $75.00 Full Day
$50.00 Half Day
Canoe $25.00 Full Day
$15.00 Half Day

Please contact us in advance for boat reservations.