Guide Services

At Cave Connections we offer guide service in the panhandle area of Florida. Many people do not know the vast amount of diving available in the Tallahassee region, many of the caves require guides or may be difficult to locate without a guide. We know the systems from Marianna to High Springs and everything in between. Some of the best caves are located in spring runs on rivers and only accessible by boat. Many divers spend more than half their day looking for these caves instead of diving them, this is where the guide comes in.

See our list of dive sites for caves you may want to hire a guide for.

Guide service is $150.00 per day/per diver. Multi-day/Multi-diver discounts will apply. Contact Steve at (940) 735-1879 or Colin at (940) 367-5621

Salvage Operations

Cave Connections maintains a professional salvage dive team for underwater salvage down to 350' of depth. The team consists of divers with combined over 50 years of experience. For those jobs too small for large commercial operators.  Contact us for pricing and contract information.

Search & Recovery

Contact us for all of your underwater search and recovery needs. No item too small, or too big. We work with law enforcement agencies on evidence recoveries, deceased persons recovery. Staff is trained in evidence tagging, handling, and chain of custody protocols.

Site Identifications

We can assist with identification of any objects or sites, and provide photo, or video evidence of identification for legal proceedings.

Research Collaboration

We work with many different scientific organizations, placement of equipment, and collection of specimens or samples.