Whether you are thinking about begining recreational diving, or advancing your dive training into cavern, full cave or mixed gas technical diving, our team of instructors can help you achieve your goals.


Open Water Diver $300 PSAI
Advanced Open Water $500
Rescue Diver $300
Nitrox Diver $200
Cavern $400
Intro to Cave $800
Apprentice Cave $600
Full Cave $1000
Overhead Sidemount $600
Cave DPV $400
Stage Cave $400
Advanced Nitrox $600
Extended Range $800
Trimix Fundamentals $800  
Expedition Trimix $1200  
Explorer Trimix $1500  
Advanced Wreck Due to logistics please email for pricing
Instructor Training Courses  
Open Water Instructor $2250
Specialities $500 each
Technical Instructor Training Courses  
Cavern Instructor $1100
Intro to Cave Instructor $1750
Full Cave Instructor $2200
Nitrox Instructor $600
Advanced Nitrox Instructor $1250
Extended Range Nitrox Instructor $1600
Trimix Fundamentals Instructor $2000
Expedition Trimix Instructor $2250
Explorer Trimix Instructor $2750
Open Water Sidemount Instructor $1400
Overhead Sidemount Instructor $1800
Narcosis Management 1-7 $1000 per level



Our Team

Steve Cushman
PSAI #IT-1208

Lesley Rankin
PSAI #I-1291

Our Facility

PSAI Gold Rating

Tuition Information

Tuition prices listed do not include study materials, site entry fees, equipment or breathing gases. Contact us for military and law enforcement discounts.

Additional Training Dives

Additional dives may be conducted at a rate of $100.00 per dive

Tuition Refund Policy

Due to extensive preparations required for scheduling and conducting classes, we have a non refundable tuition policy. Class preparations normally begin the day tuition payment is made. Unless prior agreement is made, tuition for scheduled classes will not be refunded. However, you have 12-months to complete all training.